Faith, Hope and Jazz!... is a weekly experiment in jazz worship and community experience, sponsored by Monte Vista Church.  Starting January 9 2014, FHJ will be held at Monte Vista Fire Station on Central Ave., Nob Hill [map/directions], every Thursday at 6:30pm, and features a different jazz quartet each week, from some of Albuquerque's finest jazz musicians







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Weekly Experiments in Jazz Worship & Community Experience


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The cause of the month is Faith Hope and Jazz! We are having our first "8 for the Plate" - an opportunity for everyone to have an active part in making this awesome unchurchy jazz experiment happen by giving freely to fund it. All donations to God's tip basket through December will go to offset the cost of FHJ for 2016. Give as though you want this community to live on! Be looking for our cause in January!


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Each week, a different ensemble of Albuquerque's finest jazz players...


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Weekly news and comments

from Cohort Laurie Lewis

Holiday Greetings from Jim, Bob, and Laurie Laurie Lewis  | Dec 21, 2015

Christmas is a special time of year. A season of joy and melancholy. The Cohorts of Faith, Hope and Jazz pray that your holiday is filled with love, and peace. That God's gift of Christ will fill your heart with joy. Merry Christmas!

Shop N Stroll Shuts Down FHJ For December 3rd Laurie Lewis  | Nov 30, 2015 Due to the large crowds and lack of parking, Monte Vista Fire Station has requested we cancel Faith, Hope and Jazz this Thursday because of the Nob Hill Shop N Stroll. It's pretty disappointing. We had a great crew of musicians lined up and ready to go. But, it is...[more]
Our Jazz Man Goes Philharmonic! Laurie Lewis  | Sep 2, 2015 You heard me correctly - our own jazz man, Cohort Jim, has been asked to be the pianist for the New Mexico Philharmonic's Pops Concert on Saturday, September 26th! Who better than Jim Ahrend to play a program entitled Dancing and Romancing. Music from America's songbook will entertain the crowd....[more]
A Great Big Thank You! Laurie Lewis  | Jul 6, 2015 For all of you who helped to make our Jammin For Relief 3 such fun! You raised more than $1900 for St. Martin's Hospitality Center to help with their work with the homeless of Albuquerque. If you missed it, we had a fantastic evening of jazz starting with the Albuquerque...[more]
Happy Birthday!! Laurie Lewis  | May 13, 2015 2 years! From our humble beginnings at the Chinese bakery Mean Bao, to a biker restaurant and bar, to our current location at Monte Vista Fire Station we continue to grow and thrive. And it is all because of people like you! Amazing musicians and wonderful neighbors.   We now...[more]
Who Would Take A Bass? Laurie Lewis  | Apr 20, 2015 Friend of Faith, Hope and Jazz, Maren Hatch had her bass and amp stolen from her car in downtown last month. She is having to borrow a bass to play this Thursday.  In case you don't know, bass violins are very expensive - not the kind of money jazz musicians...[more]
"Maundy" Thursday Thoughts From Cohort Jim Laurie Lewis  | Mar 30, 2015 Like Cohort Bob said last Thursday, just love everyone.  Simple concept right?  Simple perhaps, but not easy! The word "Maundy" has its origins in the latin "mandate" or mandate...command...that we "love one another."  Everyone.  No exceptions.  And yet, there are some in Indiana right now for whom religious freedom means...[more]
And the Beat Goes On... Laurie Lewis  | Feb 4, 2015 How lucky are we?  I guess since we are church, I should say "how blessed". Every week Albuquerque's finest jazz musicians bring their A game and make incredible music together.  There has not been a dud in the bunch and we have been worshipping each Thursday now for over a...[more]
Check Out November's ABQ the Magazine! Laurie Lewis  | Nov 6, 2014 There is a wonderful article about Faith, Hope and Jazz in the November issue of Albuquerque the Magazine on page 201.  I think Unchurchy Church is a perfect description of who we are!  And how nice to be recognized for the amazing group of musicians who frequent our worship.  Mel...[more]
Hard to Say Goodbye Laurie Lewis  | Oct 28, 2014 Last Thursday, Stu Sacco was scheduled to be the drummer and he didn't show.  What we didn't know is that he had died in his sleep the night before.  Needless to say, we were shocked and saddened to learn of his passing.   Over the year and a half we...[more]
Back in the Swing of Things Laurie Lewis  | Aug 26, 2014 This may be my favorite time of year.  I have already noticed trees trying to change the color of their leaves. We only have a few days left of 90+ degree weather and the monsoon is still percolating over the mountains.   It also the best time for sports!  Football...[more]
Sleeping in on Sunday Mornings Laurie Lewis  | Aug 6, 2014 One of the big complaints about Sunday morning worship is that it happens on Sunday mornings!  "It's the only day when I get to sleep in and be lazy."  That's why there is Faith, Hope and Jazz on Thursday nights.  You can come by the Fire Station after work, eat...[more]
Loving Summer! Laurie Lewis  | Jun 24, 2014 One of the fun things about forming a new community of worship is getting to know so many different people.  Especially the many talented musicians we have in Albuquerque and Northern New Mexico.  I love the jam sessions on the first Thursdays of the month.  It's always exciting to see...[more]
Help Us Spread the Word! Laurie Lewis  | Apr 24, 2014 In case you didn't know, we are also on Facebook.  Just look for Faith, Hope and Jazz to see the latest.  Facebook is where you can help us get the word out!  Please "like" us and send to all your facebook friends.  Then if they "like" us as well ......[more]
Jammin a Success Laurie Lewis  | Mar 17, 2014 Thanks to Jim Ahrend and all the musicians for a wonderful Jammin' For Relief II! We raised right at $6000 for fresh produce. What a fun evening. The food and libations from the Cooperage were delicious and the music was inspired. Your opinion counts: should we start planning a Jammin'...[more]
Can't Wait for Jammin! Laurie Lewis  | Feb 26, 2014 I can't believe all the excitement about this Sunday's Jammin' For Relief!  Our own Jim Ahrend and Kathy Komol of the NM Association of Foodbanks have put hours and hours of work into making this happen.  Over 40 musicians giving freely of their time and talent.  100% of the donations...[more]
Loving Monte Vista! Laurie Lewis  | Feb 4, 2014 We have been at Monte Vista Fire Station now for 4 weeks and it is a great fit.  The ambiance is perfect for jazz and fellowship.  The staff is attentive and the food - delicious.  We are bringing with us about 25 people each week.  And God's tip basket is...[more]
Starting the New Year Off Right! Laurie Lewis  | Jan 8, 2014 We enjoyed the Shade Tree Cafe while we were there, but we knew there had to be another location which would be a better fit for our style of jazz.  How excited we were to find the Monte Vista Fire Station.  Many of you may remember it as the fancy...[more]
Our New Home Laurie Lewis  | Nov 5, 2013 Right next door!  Can you believe it?  The Shade Tree Customs and Cafe opened for business on Friday.  Jim, Bob and I went there for lunch today and it was delicious.  They cook all the meat in house, 2 kinds of fries, salads, soups - all with clever titles to...[more]
Our Next Adventure Laurie Lewis  | Oct 16, 2013 When we first approached Sarah Lim about a jazz worship in her bakery on Thursdays, we had no idea how it would work or if she would agree. What we didn't know is that Sarah's faith runs deep and Mean Bao turned out to be a wonderful place for us...[more]
Time to Jam Laurie Lewis  | Sep 26, 2013 On October 3rd we are going to have our first 6:00 jam session.  Jim is hoping to do this on the first Thursday of each month.  I am pretty excited.  The last jam session I was at was the big Jammin For Relief.  It was held at Monte Vista Church...[more]
Amazing Gifts Laurie Lewis  | Sep 12, 2013 God gives everyone some gift, some skill set, some burning passion to share with the world.  How wonderful it is that God gave music as a gift to so many.  Each week 3 to 4 musicians grace us with their gift as they come together to make beautiful harmonies.  Each...[more]
Diversity Laurie Lewis  | Aug 27, 2013 I was struck this week by the diversity of the people in our fhj community.  What a wonderful expression of God's creation.  We were young, old, multi-ethnic, gay, straight, settled or still searching.  Everyone gave value and respect to the other.  It always makes my heart sing when I get...[more]
Sharing in Creation Laurie Lewis  | Aug 15, 2013 One of the really inspirational aspects of jazz is the freedom within structure to create.  I have heard it described as becoming one with the Creator as the music flows through one's soul and then out into creation, leaving the musician's love as a gift to the world.   As...[more]
Thank You, Lord! Laurie Lewis  | Aug 7, 2013 It is so exciting to see how people are reacting to Faith, Hope and Jazz.  The neighborhood folks stop me to ask how it's going.  If they have had an opportunity to attend they say how much they enjoyed the experience.  If their Thursdays have been too busy, friends lament...[more]
Monsoon Season Jim Ahrend  | Jul 30, 2013 I love the monsoon season! Everything drinks in the rain and turns a brilliant green. The rains lower the evening temperature which makes Nob Hill the place to be: walking the dogs through the neighborhood, saying “hi” to folks along the way; sharing libations with friends at a local dining...[more]

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